Aluminium Rod for GTAW (TIG)

4043 is one of the most widely used general-purpose aluminium welding alloys containing silicon to lower the melting point and improve fluidity and wetting action. 4043 produces a bright weld with very good appearance and offers excellent resistance to weld cracking.

5356 is the most popular of the high-magnesium welding filler metal alloys and is typically chosen for its relatively high strength and good feedability characteristics. 5356 has high
compatibility with many base metals and is suitable for many applications, but is not recommended for elevated temperature service above 65°C (150°F).

Use on many weldable cast and wrought aluminium alloys. Generally recommended for welding 5052, any 6XXX series alloys and castings. Embossed on each end for easy identification after use. Typical Applications: Bicycle frames, Pressure vessels, Welding Positions All.

1100 (commonly referred to as Al99.5) is a 99% aluminium filler metal that is available in spools or cut lengths for MIG or TIG welding processes. 1100 is commonly used for architectural and decorative applications, furniture, piping, deep drawing applications and spun hollow ware. Common applications would include base metal 1100, 3003.


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