Welding Electrodes

  • SMAW – Stainless Steel Electrodes

    ICON E308L A low carbon19% Cr, 9% Ni rutile coated electrodes for welding grade 304, 304L, 301 and 302 stainless. Used on brewing equipment, vacuum pump spares, dairy equipment, chemical handling equipment and food processing. ICON E309L A low carbon, 23% Cr, 12% Ni rutile coated electrodes for welding corrosion resistant and heat resistant steels of 309 types. Used on furnace pares, aircraft components, heat exchangers and chemical processing equipment. Can be used for welding dissimilar carbon steel to low alloy steel, welding stainless steel to mild steel and a buffer for hard facing applications. ICON E310-16 A rutile coated electrode of 25% Cr, 20% Ni for all positional welding, used for 310 grade stainless steel. Used on welding of resists scaling in oxidising atmospheres up to 1,100 ºC while maintaining joint strength. ICON E312 A rutile coated low carbon electrode of 29% Cr, 9% Ni. An universal electrode designed for welding steels of low weldability and materials of unknown compositions. Welding of dissimilar steel from carbon steel to stainless steel.. ICON E316L A low carbon, 19% Cr, 12% Ni and 2.5% Mo, rutile coated electrodes. For welding 316 and 316L grade stainless steel. Used such as high temperature equipment, heat exchanger, chemical storage, tanks, oil refining equipment and pharmaceutical equipment.
  • SMAW – Speciality Welding Electrodes

    ISOARC 142: ISOARC 142 is used for joining and cladding armour plate, T1 Steel, Bennox Steel and other similar steels. It is fully heat treatable and resistant to hot-cracking and pressurising. ISOARC 922: Removing surface defects, grooving cracks for welding, chamfering out of faulty welds, surface cleaning of cast iron of poor weldability. ISOARC 438: This electrode is easy to use on AC or DC positive polarity. Bead appearance is good, and deposits are non-heat treatable. Hardness is maintained at elevated temperatures. ISOARC 438 restrikes well. The self releasing slag should be removed after each pass. ISOARC 454: SOARC 454 is a rutile, coated, hardfacing electrode with good welding properties even when used with AC transformers with a low open circuit voltage. With DC, use positive polarity. The electrode gives a smooth weld deposit; the weld metal is very versatile and is fairly crack resistant. Weld metal is forgeable and malleable when hot. Resistant to tempering up to roughly 500°C. ISOARC 463: Is extensively used in the mining and mineral industries. Ideal for earth-moving parts, shovels, ore carriers, conveyors, mixer blades, bucket lips and teeth, crusher mills, chutes, scraper blades and all parts subjected to high abrasive wear. A variety of wear media can be handled - clay, sand, stone and rock. Hardcraft 55: A rutile coated DC electrode for hard surfacing depositing amartensitic weld having a hardness of approximately 50-55 HRC resistance to moderate impact. Hardcraft 60: A rutile coated DC electrode specially designed for wear ressistant application. Can withstand impact under relatively abrasive conditions.
  • SMAW – Pipe Welding Electrodes

    E6010 Forceful and penetrating arc for structural steel, pipe, boiler and pressure vessels. E7010 E7010-A1 is a high cellulose electrode developed specifically for welding pipe lines. Although this electrode may be used in any position, it is best suited for vertical up or vertical down welding. E7010-A1 yields a forceful arc with deep penetration, producing a weld puddle that wets and spreads well, with rapid solidification.
  • SMAW – Mild-Steel Electrodes

    E6013 is a high quality rutile coated general purpose electrode for welding in all positions .E6013 has a low spatter and smoke, the initial strike and restrike is excellent. The slag is easily detached from fillet and butt welds, in most cases is self-lifting. The weld appearance is excellent. Superpro Pro is an extra high quality rutile coated general purpose mild steel electrode. Superpro Pro is a maintenance welding rod for wet, dirty and contaminated surfaces, including grained and structural steels, thin gauge steel plates, tubing, pipes and other sections. Vitemax is a smooth, quiet arc action, low spatter loss with good striking and restrike characteristics and excellent slag detachability. In most cases, the slag is self-lifting. The electrode welds relatively cold which makes it ideally suited for bridging large gaps, i.e. where poor fit-up occurs and for tacking. This versatile electrode, which has a rapid burn-off rate, produces smooth welds in all positions. Transarc® 6013 is a rutile electrode of a very good quality for welding mild steels. Transarc® 6013 has been developed and produced with a brand new formulation after extensive research.
  • SMAW – Low-Hydrogen Electrodes

    Icon Welding: Extremely user-friendly general purpose AC/DC low-hydrogen electrode. Can be used with low OCV AC welders. Afrox 7018-1 is an electrode of premium quality. It was designed for applications where fracture toughness and the most severe X-ray requirements in all positions are required. OK 55.00 is a reliable, high-quality, LMA electrode, particularly suitable for welding high strength low-alloy steels. The good, low-temperature impact strength of the weld metal should be noted. The weld metal is also very resistant to hot cracking. The electrode is also suitable for welding high strength ships steel, grades A, D and E.
  • SMAW – Iron Powder Electrodes E7024

    Icon Welding: General-purpose, high-speed, heavily coated iron powder electrodes. Storage tank. Sheet plate and structural-metal work. ISOARC 123 electrodes are smooth flowing with a soft, but penetrating arc. The fillet weld contour is flat to concave and spatter free, giving an excellent appearance. Slag is self-detaching under well controlled amperage settings. 160% metal recovery can be achieved.
  • SMAW – Cast Iron Welding Electrodes

    ISOARC 270 Can be used as a sealer layer on dirty cast iron, for hard facing of cast iron and on difficult welds where pure nickel or nickel-iron electrodes don’t fuse. To seal impurities, use as a sealer run. 55% Ni Electrode General purpose electrode for production, salvage and repair of all cast irons. Suited for joining, filling and buildup of grey and alloyed cast irons, can be used for pump housings, valves, castings, deposits are machinable and have high strength. 99% Ni Electrode For production and repair of cast iron. Suitable for buildup, jointing, filling holes, breaks and cracks in all types of cast iron. It has very good out-of position welding characteristics.

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